Even voorstellen – Christina

“Last year I could not join the HomeRide since I was  delivering a baby that day.” Christina Jiang tells. “Bas ‘tricked’ me at the VLOG Christmas party to join the 2017 ride and it was a request I could not refuse.”

That brave little girl

“I really admire how Maryam and Jack are handling this. And WOW, Jasmin! When I saw a picture of her riding a bike with the IV stand in the back, my heart went out for her and the family.”

Will I make it?

“Initially I was afraid that I would not make it. My personal record, ever, is 60 km. But the team and all the supporters convinced me that I could do it. So just do it, I tell myself. The only thing I need to do is to pick up the training and keep peddling once I step up on my bike.”

Riding at night

“I signed up to ride a ‘stukje’ at night. I can imagine that it is different and that is what I would like to challenge myself to do. With the supporters and my teammates, it will be a whole new experience to me and I look forward to that!”

Together – the ultimate teambuilding

“A challenge like this is the ultimate team building. I’m proud that I’m part of the team and we are in this together. Now it’s time to start training. First thing, pump the tires.”

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